Tea Rituals for Focus, Health & Wellness

It seems that as our lives have gotten faster and faster, we humans have managed pretty well to keep up with the crazy speed. But we believe Gandhi: “That there is more to life than increasing its speed.” In fact, we say that things get better by decreasing their speed. Slow is good. And one thing that can help you slow down is a daily ritual.

Rituals are inherently tied to the human experience and countless rituals have existed in human history. One of the oldest known is more than 70,000 years old and consisted of early humans worshipping a stone python. We all have our own rituals and they can serve many purposes. They can calm our anxiety or increase our confidence. They can ease our grieving or strengthen our relationships with one another. 

And what about tea rituals?

The simple act of tea drinking is one that many of us take for granted. We do it on the run, sometimes letting it go cold or not even finishing it. So we encourage you to try out OUR WAY of drinking your tea. Sitting down and stopping to actually enjoy it.

Modestine tea 12.jpg

You’ll want to plan for a 30-minute or more break, completely undisturbed.

You will need a spot that is comfortable, nurturing, and supportive to sit in to take your tea. Make sure there is a place for your tea setup, too.

Choose a tea that will actually support and help you! If you’re feeling upset and over-busy in the mind, choose something calming or caffeine free (Modestine Queendom Reign will work just fine). If you’re low on energy or feeling cut off from emotions, choose something energizing or caffeinated (like the Modestine Free Spirit).

Decide how you want to spend this time in a way that is mindful. Simply sipping? With music? Crafting? Reading poetry? Or meditating?

Close your eyes and take a deep breath; the aroma of the tea filling your nostrils, the warmth of the cup or mug in your hands fills your body.

Wait. In silence. Just breathing. Until the liquid is cool enough to drink but still very warm and slowly you take a sip. The warmth of the liquid touches your lips and tongue and fills your mouth, gently flowing down your throat and into your stomach. Your whole body becomes warm. Breathe. Close your eyes and just be. Drink your tea. Still and calm. Allow time to stop.

With a cup of tea, we have a chance to relax into all of ourselves, not letting our busy mind run the show. Enjoy the time of sacred presence you have given yourself. Keep breathing deeply, savoring your tea and any chosen mindful activity, landing ever more in the refuge of the present moment.

And when you feel complete and ready to start your life, move slowly, finding a way to bring your presence with you back into your day. 

With love,