What does Self-Care and Community look like when it’s coming from a place of Abundance, rather than a place of lack? When it’s an expression of everything we feel is right, instead of everything the world tells us is wrong?

How can a cup of tea be an invitation for celebration, a ritual we partake in, not to fix something but because it’s good? What if it can just be about ease? Ease and a really good time.

The world is Wellness-obsessed, and for good reason. While how can I be a happy, worth-while person is a good question, our monumental preoccupation with it, has led to the commodification of self-care, an overly precious approach to the sacred, and a whole lotta spiritual bypassing. The message is: Fix something. Our message is simply, celebrate something. Rather than another patch, pill or protocol, we empower you to lean in to what feels good, into what makes you feel full and free.


Modestine is a connector; a facilitator of expansion.  


Celebrate joy as a path to wellness How can a cup of tea be an invitation for celebration, a ritual we partake in, not to fix something but because it’s good?  What if it can just be about ease.  We make it all about ease and a really good time. 


We believe in Connection: At the end of the day, it’s not what table were sitting at, but who’s sitting there with us.  We seek to facilitate spaces that bring women together, with open hearts and minds, to connect with themselves, their truth and each other.


Modestine values the expansive, generative power of aligned feminine energy and the life-changing magic of big vision with the belief that there is enough success and magic to go around.

We value what is real over what is expected.  We are sincere and truthful in our expressions and intentions and honor the truth of everyone around us- from the hard and heavy to the radiantly joyful.

Modestine comes to you through generations of Master Tea Crafters.  Our blends are created using sacred healing knowledge from ancestors who understood the connection between earth and its inhabitants.  

Our vision is to crown joy the Spirit of Wellness.  We focus on tea-drinking as a celebratory ritual appropriate for every day of the week.  We live by our slogan, “here for the parTEA”.  Come celebrate with us!  Are you down?