It’s a known thing that our ancestors practiced the best and healthiest lifestyle. Using the knowledge passed down to her by her grandmother, Modestine, Laura incorporates fresh new lifestyles to create a modern day teatime experience, though she admits to holding the sacredness of teatime very close to her chest. From Tea Meditations to Tea and Tones, MarTEAni nights and more, it’s Laura’s goal to bring communities together through these modern lifestyle approach. It’s what she saw growing up in the Caribbean. “The bond women shared in community back then was so tight, not even the wind could get through”, she recalls of growing up on the island.

In the age of cellphones, we seem to dismiss human connection. My goal is to bring people together to reimagine teatime. It’s all about slowing down and taking time to have conversations. Let’s talk to each other, face to face, again. We were created to have human connections and TEATIME gives us this very experience. By slowing down, we begin to connect with ourselves, with nature and with one another. Although considered to be a tea company, Laura stresses that the brand isn’t really selling teas, rather, it’s offering you an experience.

“We’re all given a limited number of years on this planet, let’s love each other and at least, try to get oolong.”