Hello fellow tealovers,

Our love for tea brought us together, and I’m so glad that you are here.

I was exposed to the art of tea at a very young age. My grandmother, Modestine, once owned tea rooms in England, and Afternoon Tea celebrations were a serious tradition in our home. I shunned being a part of TEATIME because I did not understand the rituals associated with it. Afternoon Tea celebrations were too stuffy and too uptight, and seriously, I preferred to bite into my scone, rather than break it apart. At the time, I saw Tea Etiquette as being too proper. I was more interested in the tea plants, which my grandmother highly revered as sacred and healing.

My first lesson in tea blending was at my grandma’s backyard. It was fascinating to watch her commune with the plant before she plucked its leaves. She grew sage and lemon grass tea bushes.

The Universe has a way of bringing us back full circle with things we think we may have escaped. How did I end up doing the very thing that I once shunned? Life, right? My grandmother must be partying in her grave. Today, I practice the same rituals as she did. Prior to labeling and packaging, I spend quality time engaging each blend with positive vibes and love.

I am continuously amazed by the magical powers of tea. Grandma Modestine, was a connector, a facilitator. She had a gift of bringing women through teatime ceremonies. She celebrated women and taught me how to do the same. It is my hope that we will connect and build community, and that we will come to appreciate Teatime as a celebratory ritual appropriate for every day of the week.

I could talk about tea all day, but when I’m not immersed in tea I can be found tending to my plants. Yup, I’m a serious plant mama. I talk to them and I also play music to them. Think that’s weird? Then what will you think about me asking each wilted leaf for permission before I remove it from the plant? Told y’all! I’m a tree-hugger, too. The day I land my feet on a real tea farm I’m going to do my first set of back flips. In the mean time I’d like to get to know more about you.

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