Mimosa Blanca No.333

Mimosa Blanca No.333



A delicate white tea blend packed with dried fruits and exotic flowers, crafted together to assert healing and wellness in every cup. Has a pale, soft pink color, and very smooth texture. Perfect for “Me Time” moments, brunch parTEAS and so much more. Impress your guests with its charming, bold flavor over ice or serve hot and enJOY it’s energizing yet soothing effects.

Contains caffeine.

White tea has many health benefits, and is known for having the highest levels of antioxidants among all teas. It has the highest concentration of L-Theanine, which is known for improving alertness and focus in the brain. It is known to have cancer-fighting agents. White tea also creates states of calm and relaxation. It is also known to protect the teeth from bacteria, protects the skin and hair and helps to improve weight loss.

Ingredients: orange peels, apple pieces, white tea, peaches, pomegranate pieces, hibiscus, roses, marigold petals with white mimosa flavor.

2 oz

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