Sage It Up No.777

Sage It Up No.777



A nourishing blend of medicinal flowers and fruits crafted together to promote healing, centering, grounding and balancing of mind body and soul. Has a pale yellow color, bold flavor and a slightly tart texture. Perfect for before and after meditation.  Enjoy as a cold beverage or drink hot to restore your energy when you feel depleted, unbalanced and out of sorts.

Caffeine free.

Sage has long been regarded as one of the most important medicinal herb. Sage tea is known as “thinkers tea” because of its ability to enhance mental clarity and concentration. Sage has a host of health benefits, including reducing anxiety, easing menopausal symptoms, improving digestion, detoxifying the body and stimulating the immune system.

Ingredients: apple bits, orange peels, lemon myrtle, pomegranate, sage, lavender, jasmine pearls, schizandra berries.

2 oz

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